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What Does Your Business Need?

We're Not Really Sure Yet...

We'd recommend a Free Consultation. The attorney will ask some simple questions about your business needs, learn about what you want, and tailor IP solutions specifically for you.

I Want To Know If My Invention Is Patentable

A free consultation is a great first step. It's risk free, and we can usually give you a good idea if your invention can be patented or not without going into too much detail.

To Find Out If Our Mark Is Trademarkable

We'd recommend a Free Consultation. We can learn more about your mark, and tell you if any governmental restrictions will prohibit your mark's trademarkability, and how we can avoid those before actually filing.

To Find Out If A Competitor Has Patented Our Invention Idea Yet

We'd recommend a Patent Search. We'll do a deep dive into the USPTO databases to find out what others have patented in your industry, and if any have boxed you out of your invention idea yet. Schedule a Free Consultation to get started.

Find Out If Someone Else Already Registered Our Trademark

We'd recommend a Trademark Search. Our Attorneys will scour the official USPTO records (TESS) efficiently to see if anyone else has filed your trademark (or a similar mark) and warn you before wasting your money filing. Get Started With A Free Consultation.

Trademark Opportunities To Purse Before The Competition Does

We'd recommend a Trademark Search. Our Attorneys will look out for similar marks, and identify additional opportunities to get your claim to the market before your competition does. Get Started With A Free Consultation.

We've Already Verified We Are Trademarkable, We Just Need A Trademark

We'd recommend... well... a Trademark! You already knew that though. Great for you for already knowing your market! Simply schedule a Free Consultation, meet with us, and our attorneys can get started on drafting your trademark for you!

I Already Filed A Trademark Application, but It Was Rejected

We'd recommend a Trademark Office Action. Our attorneys help people overcome their USPTO rejections all of the time (it's actually Jedi's favorite part of the job).  Schedule a Free Consultation, tell us a little more about your mark, and we'll let you know if it's recoverable.

I Already Have A Trademark, and I Want to Ensure No One Infringes It

We'd recommend trademark monitoring. It's a monthly subscription (19.99/month) where we will monitor common infringement areas (Amazon, Imports, etc.) to ensure no one is infringing on your trademark. It's extremely effective for the price, we'd highly recommend it. Grab a Free Consultation to sign up.

I Found Someone Who's Infringed On My Trademark

We'd recommend a IP or Trademark Litigation Attorney. We don't litigate (we focus on drafting and monitoring), but we'd recommend JESSE LONDON. He's a good one.

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Who Is Darrin Burnham?

Darrin Burnham, Attorney at Law for Utah Patent and Trademark Attorney

Darrin Burnham is an attorney with experience in a wide range of matters relating to Intellectual Property. Darrin enjoys representing clients at all levels, including several Fortune 100 companies, prominent local leaders in technology, as well as start-up companies in all stages and independent inventors.

His practice encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies including software, electrical, chemical, mechanical, medical, and materials disciplines.

Darrin is admitted to practice before the state and federal courts of Utah and is a registered patent attorney certified to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

We're recognized by Avvo, The Utah State Bar, and