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Darrin Burnham: Utah's Patent & Trademark Attorney

We've Protected Some Pretty Big Brands

We've done patent work for Lenovo
We've done patent work for Microsoft
We've done patent work for Google
We've done patent work for IBM
We've done patent work for Boeing
We've done patent work for Caterpillar
We've Done Our Part For The Fortune 500 Companies. Now We're Bringing Value To Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs. We're Here For You.
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UTPTA Prices

UTPTA Offers Flat Fee Pricing.

That way, you know EXACTLY what you're going to have to pay upfront. No hassle, no worries.

Patent Pricing


Non-Provisional Patent: 5999 USD

Provisional Patent: 1999 USD

Patent Search: 850 USD

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Trademark Pricing


Trademark: 850 USD

Trademark Search: 500 USD

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Copyright Pricing


Copyright: 350 USD

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Why Go With UTPTA?

FREE Consultation,
No Risk

Get a Free Consultation over a Zoom Call or Phone Call.

In it, we can briefly discuss your business, your goals, and what patent and trademark options you have.

It's totally free, and no risk for you.

Keep Others From Stealing Your Business

With a patent or trademark, you can secure your business from those who want to steal it from you.

Secure your invention with a patent.

Secure your branding with a trademark.

Secure your creative with a copyright.

High Quality Applications

Just because we focus on small businesses doesn't mean that we're inexperienced.

We've actually covered a few Fortune 500 companies (see examples below).

We do this because we actually believe in the power of startups.

Small Business Specialization

We specialize in startups and small businesses.

We've worked for the big firms and Fortune 500 companies in the past.

However, we didn't like the way they ignored the ones that really needed their help.

So we decided change our focus and help those that really need it.

Free 3rd Party Review on Every Application

We not only internally review each patent and trademark application to ensure it's quality.

We've also partnered with other lawyers who review all of our applications as well.

This gives the benefits of greater perspective and diversity to every application, free of charge.

95%+ Allowance Rate

Not only have we worked with massive law firms in the past, we can compete with their performance.

With a high allowance rate, you can rest easy and know that your patent and trademark applications are in the best hands.

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What Makes UTPA Different?

We focus on the clients that other large patent and trademark firms tend to ignore.

We know because we've been there.

The other firms spend 85% of their time on their top few clients, 11% on lunch, and ONLY 4% on the hundreds of small businesses
and startups that really need their help.

We were tired of watching smaller clients being taken advantage of.

So we found a better way to do things.

Our attorneys focus on the clients the other large patent and trademark firms tend to ignore.

Schedule or Call, and we promise you'll feel the difference.

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Look. Every single company is different. Your journey, situation, and challenges are unique to you. That's why I'd like to help you find what would be best for you and your company specifically.

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